Canalcliente movistar es consumo

Canalcliente movistar es consumo

My movistar online

From the Movistar customer area you can manage your line at any time through the web or from the My Movistar app. In addition, you can access it whenever you need it from any device: computer, smartphone or tablet.
Changing the Movistar account holder or checking Movistar coverage are procedures that cannot be carried out through Movistar customers. These steps must be requested through the web or by calling Movistar by phone at 1004.
Other more specific procedures cannot be solved through My Movistar. For example, to access the Movistar router you have to use the Alejandra Portal or to manage Movistar+ Lite you have to do it through the Movistar Lite app.
If you have tried to enter the PIN several times and have not succeeded, it is likely that your mobile has been blocked. To solve this you need the Movistar PUK code, which you can obtain as follows:
The operator’s customers who have contracted a Movistar offer for companies have a different platform to carry out the formalities related to the lines and products they have contracted.

My movistar venezuela

Hello!!! I have some doubts about the contract…I used to have a prepaid card and last Wednesday…I migrated to a movistar contract…I had about 3 euros of balance on the card and weno…they told me that calling to see the consumption cost 15 cents, but that I could look at it in canal cliente. …so I get in and in the invoice consultation it comes out that I have 0 euros spent, but the strange thing is that if I have made calls…is it that the balance that I had on my card has been saved??? and another thing…as I have not been there for a month…do they have to charge me the minimum consumption? Thank you very much and forgive my ignorance … Greetings.
Hello!!! but I will not be charged the 9 euros minimum for 10 days given d high in cntrato not????? In customer channel … nothing comes out of consumption … d q another way that is free I can know the consumption that I have??? ah!!!! and for the points ls I have to call somewhere???? thanks
The balance you had in prepaid, is discounted in the bill, so what you have consumed so far, should appear in canalcliente, because as I said, this discount is applied in the bill.

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Movistar spain

I have not been able to see my current consumption either, I just registered to be able to control my expenses and see that no internet connections are charged when I connect to the wifi and I have not been able to see my consumption. I get to the menu where it gives several options, I give it to consumption and bills, consumption and I get to the side to accept to go to the paperless bill, I have no other option. I click there and it tells me that my request cannot be met.  For what it’s worth, I have tried to enter from several browsers in case that was the problem and it seems that it is not. I hope you can help me.
Currently, the detail of the data consumption that you can consult from the web, is given in kb, so if you want to calculate the megabytes, you would have to divide that amount by 1024. Anyway, if you want me to help you, you can send me an mp with your phone number and Nif, and I’ll tell you what is the consumption in megabytes that you have accumulated to date.
I would like to thank you very much for your interest, please process the GPRS cancellation, I do not want any surprises with the mobile consumption, as I can connect through the wifi for the moment, it is enough for me.  Thank you very much for everything.

Movistar colombia

Thanks to all of you for answering, I am more relaxed knowing that it is not only my problem but a general one, I changed my contract and savings modules in the last few days and I wanted to see if I was being charged correctly.
Hi OrensanO_1969, There is something wrong with Canal Cliente.  In current consumption, if I click on detail, the previous consumption comes up.  On the other hand, if I go to previous consumption, I get calls from April 18.  It gives the impression that it is upside down.  Greetings.
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Hi, I have been adding data and voice consumption in the current month since March 18, having to restart this at the latest on April 18 (as happens in other months). On my wife’s line the same thing is happening, I have a voice flat rate of 150 minutes and if the consumption is not reset I will exceed them, not having to go through this, is this a problem in CANAL CLIENTE or is it normal? Best regards!