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Si te encuentras a Arcadi Espada paseando por su acomodado barrio de Barcelona, ¡no le molestes! Es muy probable que esté haciendo salchichas. En esos paseos, que duran entre una hora y una hora y media, suele escribir su columna. Sale de casa sin la idea, pero cuando vuelve, ya sabe en su cabeza lo que dijo Ruano: «Dónde voy a abrir la morcilla y dónde la voy a atar al final». Y eso es lo que dice también.Espada (Barcelona, 1 de junio de 1957) sabe desde muy joven

C’s – mejor unidos – arcadi espada. barcelona 20/09/2014

Since 1977 he has been collaborating in various written media of daily publication: Mundo Diario, El Noticiero Universal, La Vanguardia, Diario de Barcelona, El País and, currently, El Mundo. From November 2010 to February 2011 he was director of the Ibercrea Institute.[1] He writes the daily blog El Mundo por dentro.[2] He is currently a contributor to the Onda Cero program Más de Uno. He won the Francisco Cerecedo Prize (2000) and the City of Barcelona Prize for Literature (for Contra Catalunya) and the Espasa Essay Prize 2002 (for Diarios). Among his most beloved teachers is Josep Pla, to whom he has dedicated several investigations on his life and work, including an essay on the diary that the writer from Empordà left written between 1965 and 1968, which was published posthumously under the title Notes per a un diari.
He is one of the best known promoters of the civic platform Ciutadans de Catalunya, which promoted the creation of a political party, Ciudadanos – Partido de la Ciudadanía (C’s), which he did not join. He was very critical of the leader of C’s, Albert Rivera, of whose re-election he went so far as to say that it was «bad news.»[15]

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Arcadi espada: «the inventor of judicial populism in spain

In fact, both on television sets and in his articles and blogs, Espada has never been very prone to moderation. Therefore, there are numerous ‘pearls’ with which Arcadi has tried to draw attention. Something that, judging by his new friendships, he has finally achieved.
He also left another sample of his view on women and sex after the announcement by the Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo, that the Penal Code will be reformed so that any sexual act without an explicit «yes» will be a crime. Espada branded the minister as an «obscene reactionary creature» for this proposal, assuring that the holder of the portfolio of Equality did not understand the «malicious game that sex has». He finished by saying that his mother «would have had to have torn off her yes» to have sex.

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Next Sunday’s Chester is already bringing queue before being broadcasted. The preview of how Risto Mejide expels Arcadi Espada has revolutionized the viewers. What could be the reason for the publicist to get fed up with a guest? «You will see me against Arcadi Espada», explained the presenter in Todo es mentira.
And in response to Espada’s assertions that it was him who left, Risto makes it clear: «No, no Arcadi, I’m kicking you out of the program. I kick you out because I find that article unpresentable and when I put it in front of you, not only are you not able to retract it, which is what you should have done and ask for forgiveness, but on top of that you reaffirm it. So you are going to suffer a double ignominy: first, for having done what you did in Chester; and second, for writing that article in which you lie». So on Sunday «I’m going to enjoy it very much from home», he said.