Casa del libro gran via 2

Casa del libro gran via 2

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«We are living history of Madrid at the beginning of the 20th century», Arrevola pointed out before mentioning, for example, the use of the building as the headquarters of Ortega y Gasset’s «Revista de Occidente», to which the new building will dedicate a space, or as the Central Office of Republican Propaganda during the Civil War.
Some 150,000 references await the visitor, with the paperback book easily accessible at the entrance; an entire floor dedicated to comics, noir and fantasy novels in the basement; and with padded benches next to the windows on the upper floors that make the privileged location of Casa del Libro more visible in a centennial Gran Vía that is also premiering.

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An ode to fantasy literature and literature. «Reading Sandra immerses you in an addictive narrative magic, thanks to her prose full of nuances, her stories and feelings that pierce the pages with a force that traps the reader.» Encarna Samitier, director of the newspaper 20 Minutos….
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Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo has acquired the building at 29 Gran Vía street to transform it into an exclusive hotel. The news has created controversy among the buyers of the Casa del libro bookstore, the firm that occupies the building, because of its possible disappearance as a result of the transaction. At around midday, the chain denied this.
This historic building, located in one of the main streets of the city center, currently houses one of the Casa del Libro stores. Faced with the reactions of the bookstore’s followers for its possible disappearance, the chain has denied that this operation will affect the location of its oldest store.

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Casa del Libro has reopened its doors at Gran Vía 29, after a comprehensive renovation to bring it closer to the new demands of consumers.    With 4,000 m2 of floor space divided into 4 floors, the new flagship store offers customers additional services, such as reading areas or spaces for cultural activities.
The store also aims to become an experiential bookstore thanks to the Comic, Juvenile and Graphic Novel areas that will immerse young customers in the exciting world of reading. These areas, together with the Children’s area, will become the strategic zones of the refurbished bookstore.

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