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The first televised «aló presidente» after the coup d’état in april of

What are the true postulates of Islamism? What characterizes the so-called «radical Islamism»? In The two messages of Islam, Antonio Elorza reveals the opposite of Islamism: the thought of a «radical Islamism».
What are the true tenets of Islamism? What characterizes the so-called «radical Islamism»? In The Two Messages of Islam, Antonio Elorza reveals the opposite of Islamism: progressive Muslim thought, based on a set of currents of thought of a minority nature, but of great ideological coherence, which since the first quarter of the 20th century has questioned the supposed incompatibility between Islam and Western rationality.
The mirage that presented ETA as a group of young romantics fighting against a dictatorship dissipated long ago. This book uncovers the true face of this organization and the phenomenon of dissidence in its ranks.
Synopsis: Knowledge of the history of communism has undergone a profound transformation by the partial opening of the archives of the former USSR. As far as the Communist International is concerned, the new data do not allow a reconstruction of the history of communism.

La tuerka – 13×01 – part 1 – 30th anniversary 23 f

The recent visit of the veterans of the International Brigades has come to alter that happy atmosphere presided over by the oblivion and the supposed reconciliation of the ones and the others, fused now in a collective subject. First of all, it could be seen that reconciliation is still characterized by asymmetry: the old brigadists reasonably proposed the overcoming of hatreds and resentments of the war, but Aznar, Trillo and, in general, the authorities of the Popular Party have reminded us with their lackadaisical behavior that this fraternity and this alleged reconciliation do not pray for them. Of course, the war is over for everyone, but the conscience of «victory» has not been extinguished among some heirs of those who imposed themselves thanks to the coup and with the support of fascism. This asymmetry is relevant, at least in order not to make distorted readings of national reconciliation -by the way, an initiative of the PCE, something forgotten even when 1956 is evoked- or to discover the underlying ideology when such readings are proposed to us.

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Integration program for new institutions

Quan creus que ja s’acaba, torna a començar… «When you think it’s over, start again». Raimon’s song reflected in 1970 the anguish for the return of a state of Franco’s repression that in the «happy 60’s» seemed to be in a trance of overcoming. The time of the monsters that had not really died was coming back.
The Cuban revolution repeated a phenomenon already seen in the Russian revolution of 1917: it succeeded a political regime characterized by intense repression, and in a very short time multiplied the number of dead and imprisoned. It was the first wake-up call for so many who contemplated (we contemplated) the possibility of a social revolution combining justice for the people and political freedom. Fidel’s skill made his February 1960 coup to democracy go unnoticed, eluding the return to the 1940 Constitution, while he himself organized the spectacle of the exemplary executions. With the «paredón», and the consequent explanations of the crimes of those executed, he served the purpose of airing before the world the barbarity of the Batista regime, and in passing showed Cuban society that he was prepared to exercise implacable repression against any opposition to the regime. …. Continue reading «

Righi family: hi-tech contractors with 50 years of experience in the field.

As in the front pages of the newspapers (which are «the second hand of History»), also when we talk about May 2, 1808, each historian, each politician, each journalist or each reader takes care of his or her own business.
History is written, of course, by the victors. With this prevention we must approach this marvelous censored version of the ancient reality that we call History. Because there is not one History but many histories.
But, returning to the celebration we are having today in Madrid, I find it hard to assume it as our own if that frustrated rebellion turned out to be made -as some historians say- with this terrifying and frivolous cry:
I imagine that in Iraq today there must be more than one sincere democrat whose heart is divided, as «split» as Goya’s was, between the democratic ideals that Bush claims to defend and the American troops invading his country and pissing off and humiliating his compatriots. The same thing happened to them in Vietnam. And it seems that the empires have not learned that «the letter does not enter with blood» and that «itching is not an itch».