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luís gonzalo segura denounces sexual violence against them.

The then military officer, who was in the media during the promotion of his novel Un paso al frente, entered in November 2014 in a military disciplinary center to serve a one-month preventive arrest sanction for violating the disciplinary regime of the Armed Forces.
It was the second time he faced such a sanction, since months earlier he had been sanctioned with another two months of arrest for statements made during the promotion of the book, which narrates a series of irregularities and corrupt practices in the Army.
Now, the Military Chamber of the Supreme Court confirms another sanction that was imposed on him in January 2015 as the author of a serious offense consisting of «making claims, requests or manifestations contrary to discipline or based on false assertions, making them through social media or formulating them collectively».
He also said: «I have seen how a soldier was hitting an officer because he had touched her and two captains passed by and looked the other way because they did not want to know anything». In addition, in an interview on the program El Intermedio on La Sexta, he went dressed in uniform to make the same type of statements.

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The complaint of the association of commanders, which groups about 1,000 officers of the corps, is motivated by a publication of the aforementioned magazine in which Segura criticizes the working conditions imposed by some officers of the corps.
For the UO, these comments involve an alleged crime against State Institutions (Article 504.2), which provides for a fine of 12 to 18 months to «whoever seriously insults or threatens the Armies, Classes or Security Forces and Corps.»
«I understand that it hurts the officers to say that there have been more than 500 civil guardsmen who have committed suicide because of working conditions since 1982,» Segura explained to this media, ironizing if for the association of commanders «the real drama» is their alleged insults to the corps.
«What they have to do is read the investigation and start fighting for their own guardsmen instead of attacking the satyr,» Segura reminds Segura, who recalls that the parody does not generalize and mentions that «not all officers are the same.»

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It will be necessary to read the sentence, but to punish the person who denounces without knowing if the denouncer is right in his denunciation is like to trust in the judicial system (civil, military, or those of gender – even if they are of the silly gender-).
Very interesting. If the army had characters of this ilk, we wouldn’t have an army. Why didn’t he work from within to improve the organization instead of being a panderer and pretentious television figurehead? I suppose that he will be banned from wearing the army uniform and will be able to wear the clown’s uniform so typical of the program ….
The army has to be an example of discipline, which does not mean that if there are abuses are not denounced, but within the same, it is not worth airing issues, you have to work to rectify them following the right paths, logically if the military procedures are not complied with and means are used to discredit the same, it is logical, it is not useful to be in it.

militar es expulsado del ejército por denunciar corrupción

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