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Si estás pensando en declarar tu amor, déjanos darte unas cuantas frases de amor en euskera, otras tantas expresiones románticas y las canciones perfectas para convertirse en la banda sonora de tu declaración de amor.
No creemos especialmente en San Valentín, pero sí en el amor. En bai&by creemos en todos los tipos de amor que existen, y los vemos como el combustible que mueve el mundo en el que vivimos. El amor de pareja, el amor a los animales, el amor entre amigos que comparten buenos y malos momentos, el amor de una madre, etc.
En nuestro caso sentimos un ferviente amor por la enseñanza de idiomas en general y del euskera en particular. Es nuestra pasión, la razón principal por la que nos dedicamos cada día a nuestro método inteligente de aprendizaje de idiomas.
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If you are looking for cute phrases in Basque for love that are also very humorous, this one can’t miss in your repertoire. This quote invites a fun relationship, so if you want to get the attention of that special someone with a funny compliment, this phrase will help you add more spark to the relationship! And if you are a lover of funny Piropos and want to familiarize yourself with some more, don’t miss this other article.
One of the beautiful phrases in Basque that we like the most, because it is ideal to understand that we learn from our mistakes and that it does not matter how many times we fall, but to get up and walk again. If you want more phrases to not give up to help you on your way to personal growth, be sure to visit this other link.
We close our list of beautiful phrases in Basque with a section dedicated to friendship. Discover the best phrases of friendship to dedicate and do not miss the opportunity to tell your friend how much he or she means to you. Ready to continue familiarizing yourself with this great language? Here are some good phrases in Basque for friendship.

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If we translate it literally into Spanish it would be «go get some figs! Does it make sense? None, and even less if we take into account that in Basque it is used to «send someone to fry asparagus», and not exactly to the kitchen.
It literally means «to catch in the eye». So said, this phrase is not expected to have a great use, but in Basque it is used to say that they have taken a fancy to you or that they have you between their eyebrows. You see, we are getting closer to the eyes.
Muxutruk translated into Spanish is «in exchange for a kiss», but we are not talking about a flirting situation, but something for free. If it’s «muxutruk» it means it’s free, so «that’s free» would translate as «hori muxutruk da».
«In the street dove and at home wolf», that would be the literal translation of this mythical phrase in Basque, however the grace lies in the play on words. Lobo is «otsoa» and paloma is «usoa», so besides referring to the fact that someone behaves in different ways in 2 different places, this phrase is a play on words.

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Basque phrases tell us the same old story, but in a very particular way. Nowadays there are thousands of Basque speakers in the Basque Country, Navarre, the French Basque Country and in other parts of the world, for example in Ohio. We have compiled dozens of Basque phrases so that you can learn the basics of Basque and put them into practice if you travel to some of the areas with Basque speakers. If you are looking for more phrases in other languages like English, French or German, on our website you will find all kinds of famous quotes and beautiful phrases in these languages.