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On March 5, Netflix premiered ‘Nevenka’, a three-episode docuseries that recalls the case of Nevenka Fernández, the Ponferrada city councilor who denounced the mayor of the town for sexual harassment between 1995 and 2002, Ismael Álvarez (PP).
At the helm of the successful production, one of last month’s hits on the streaming platform, was Newtral, the multimedia startup headed by journalist Ana Pastor, who took on the dramatic experience of the ex-politician.
This is the case of Arcadi Espada. The journalist has published this Sunday an article in ‘El Mundo’, entitled ‘The passion of Ismael’, in which he describes the television production as «garbage» and criticizes that only the victim has been given a voice.
«I think we have changed, for the better. If you think about more recent cases, such as that of the herd, there were people even in the judiciary (it was debated whether it was assault or rape) who said that what was a woman doing getting into a doorway with five men. It is a bit similar to what they were saying to Nevenka back then. In the case of the herd, it was not necessary to wait for a sentence from several instances, but from the beginning the treatment that was being given to the victim from some media, for example, was questioned. Nevenka did not have that opportunity. We have improved, but there is still a long way to go,» said Ana Pastor a few weeks ago in an interview with ‘Harpers Bazaar’.

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The metastasis of the activity of the financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who died of asphyxiation in a New York jail where he was serving a pre-trial detention for alleged sex trafficking of minors, has a lesser known impact than politics (Bill Clinton, Donald Trump), but of great interest. It is science, and more specifically, the Third Culture movement, grouped around John Brockman, founder of the famous Edge page, and literary agent of Richard Dawkins, Steven Pinker or Daniel Kahneman, among dozens of other notable science writers. The first to address the issue with credit and detail was Daniel Engber in Slate, in his article The girls were always around (What it was like to be a scientist in Jeffrey Epstein’s circle)…. Continue reading «

Serial killer

The parliamentary chronicler Lucía Méndez is one of the journalists of El Mundo who, in an unusual communiqué, has come to ask for the dismissal of Arcadi Espada for a long opinion article, with the usual literary quality and political background in him, referring to Gabriel Rufián and his attitude against Aznar when he appeared in Parliament.
Espada’s text, provocative as always, said among many other paragraphs the following: «In these parliamentary circumstances Iglesias benefits from acting after the hooligan Rufian does. The lies are the same, but it does not cost Iglesias too much to appear on stage as the pondered head of the gang. Aznar was wrong about Rufián. To Rufián you have to answer him in the parliamentary seat saying: ‘The dick, faggot, how do you prefer to eat it: in one blow or in times?’, while smiling delicately in his face».
Arcadi Espada’s response has not been long in coming, and in an entry in his blog he replies with sarcasm and seriousness with a brief paragraph: «A group of workers of the newspaper asks the director to take measures. I can’t find, for the moment, the names of the signatories. But I will post them here as soon as they appear».

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Arcadi Espada’s article in the newspaper El Mundo insulting the ERC deputy, Gabriel Rufián, has cost him dearly. The numerous associations that have raised their voices against the columnist have been joined by a letter from the editorial staff of El Mundo itself, signed by fifty of the newspaper’s editors, in which they condemn the article.
The letter also criticizes «the tone of several articles published by EL MUNDO and other headers of the group» which they consider inappropriate for the newspaper, such as the one by columnist Fernando Sánchez Dragó justifying the coup d’état of 1936 and equating it to the coming to power of Pedro Sánchez.
The foul, rude and homophobic words dedicated to the ERC deputy Gabriel Rufián should never have been published in the media. We do not judge Arcadi Espada’s opinions, because he is very free to think as he wants and to exercise his constitutional right to spread his ideas -in this case, through EL, but we do express our rejection that our newspaper has been used by this columnist to spread homophobic phrases.