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29/06/2020.- ángel expósito’s interview in la linterna of

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Interview with cope journalist, ángel expósito

Throughout the presentation, Expósito made special emphasis on the fact that every journalist must be able to select the information, and once this is done, to treat such information appropriately. The task of a journalist is to inform, but we must always do it in the right way. If not, we run the risk of abhorring the information we are dealing with.
The first idea that Expósito wanted to make clear is that politicians are clearly a product. An extremely sensitive product in many cases, with the repercussions that this entails. Therefore, you have to advise and take care of the political figure you are dealing with. But on the journalism side, you have to be especially careful, and not let yourself be influenced.
In order to be able to comply with these guidelines, he insists that we must keep a certain distance from politicians. To avoid letting ourselves be cajoled, we also need «good training, a capacity for self-criticism, and, above all, honesty».
Throughout the lecture, Expósito spoke about certain keys that make a journalist a good professional when dealing with politicians. The first of these is the relationship between journalism and the people. This relationship must be «fluid, professional, ethical, and not go beyond the limits of friendship», that is, not to be a militant of the information transmitted by the character.

Ángel expósito – director of cope’s ‘la linterna’.

For his part, Gutiérrez Hevia affirmed that «there are many universities capable of providing technical training to their students. Not so many are able to instill values in them. And it is in this area that our university stands out. It is not for nothing that one of its objectives is to educate men and women who are compassionate, committed and caring. He also said that these values «will not only help us to lead a fuller and more humane life, but will be a fundamental key to our professional success,» and insisted on the need for continuing education «in an increasingly knowledge-based world. Our university offers us countless opportunities in this area. Let us make good use of them, because investment in human capital is the most profitable of all».
These words were answered by the intervention of the journalist Ángel Expósito, who acted as sponsor of the graduating class, who advised «to keep the high beams on, broadening our perspective to the width of the world and to the length of time, in the future».

Ángel expósito: «we made a mistake in summer».

Cadena COPE has announced this Friday the remodeling of its grid for next season, in which Ángel Expósito will be in charge of ‘La Linterna’ from September, replacing Juan Pablo Colmenarejo, while Pilar Cisneros and Fernando de Haro will be in charge of ‘La Tarde’.
Thus, Ángel Expósito will direct ‘La linterna’ from Monday to Friday, from 7pm to 11.30pm. So far, Expósito has directed and presented ‘La Tarde’ from Monday to Friday, from 15.00 to 19.00 hours.
«I invite our listeners, whom I name every day, to listen to life with me. I want ‘La Linterna’ to serve as a meeting point for those who demand current affairs but also entertainment, analysis, rigorous explanations, good stories,» said Expósito.