Tfno renfe compra billetes

Tfno renfe compra billetes

Renfe barcelona

RenfeTicket is the official application of Renfe Viajeros for buying tickets and managing your trips on board High Speed, Long and Medium Distance can buy, change and cancel tickets from your mobile, as well as save them until the day of the trip to access the train and incorporate them to your agenda. RenfeTicket also has:- Loyalty and +renfe points query- Train punctuality information- General Renfe information- Favorite trips to speed up your purchasesTo get the most out of it, register at and follow the instructions to activate the purchase of tickets on your mobile. Unregistered users can also use the app to check schedules and prices, train punctuality and +renfe points.
It’s unbelievable, for an app that has nothing they ask you for minimum iOS 13, so whoever has an iPhone 6 should throw it away. Seriously you make that half of the people can not use the application? It seems that some people get their phones for free.

Renfe timetable

You can print your ticket at the ticket vending machines installed in the stations or request it by providing the credit card number with which the purchase was made at the internet sales information telephone number 91 919 05 04.
You can change your ticket, if the travel option you have purchased (Basic, Choose or Premium) or the fare of your Avant or Media Distancia ticket allows it, up to 15 minutes before the train departs. Depending on your ticket, this operation may incur costs.
With this service, by calling 91 232 03 20, you can purchase tickets for Alta Velocidad-Larga Distancia, Media Distancia Convencional and Avant trains by telephone, from the moment they are available in the sales system and up to 30 minutes before the train’s departure.
To make your purchases by phone in the most comfortable and secure way, call 912 320 320 and our team will send you an SMS or email with a link to RedSys (secure e-commerce platform) to validate your card (you have 72 hours).

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Billetes de renfe

(*) Zona Verde: Se establece un precio único desde cualquier zona de la red de Madrid utilizando la línea C-9. Es de 8,70 euros para el billete de ida y 17,40 euros para el de vuelta. En el caso de los abonos, el precio es para 7 zonas.
Puede adquirirlos en las taquillas de las estaciones o en las máquinas de autoservicio de Cercanías. Recuerde que tiene un máximo de dos horas para iniciar su viaje después de comprar el billete.  Puedes regresar a cualquier hora del día siguiente.
Con el Abono, puedes realizar tantos viajes como desees durante su vigencia en autobús, metro y Cercanías. Elija la modalidad que más le interese (30 días, anual…) y adquiera su Tarjeta de Transporte Público para cargar su abono. Puedes recargarla en las máquinas de autoservicio de las estaciones.

Renfe ave tickets

They allow us to store the user’s preference information to improve the quality of our services and to offer a better experience through recommended products. Some can be multi-device.
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