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Pio moa la gaceta

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On the other hand, no one, as far as I know, claims that Franco engineered or piloted the transition to democracy, as our thinker asserts. However, two things are certain: that without the social and economic transformation of Francoism, democracy would have been unfeasible; and that, indeed, the transition was made from the law to the law, that is, from Francoism, from its legitimacy; and not from the criminal Popular Front, as the brainless anti-Francoists advocated and still advocate. These are not opinions but historical facts that cannot be erased by the hollow rhetoric in use, which is rotting democracy beyond recognition.

As long as we do not get out of this intellectual and moral misery, society will continue to decompose. And in this we must not compromise. Because there are also tendencies that try to pass for impartial and objective by giving one of lime and another of sand: «There are those who say that two and two are four, others affirm that they are six. Let’s put ourselves in the middle ground: it’s five».

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