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La opinion de la coruna

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The general director of Energy Planning and Natural Resources, Paula Uría, has assured that Galicia has «the capacity and potential» to position itself as a «reference» region in the production of renewable energies, storage and associated technologies.
The secretary general of the PPdeG, Miguel Tellado, celebrates the «ideological rearmament» that has meant the National Convention of the Popular Party this week and considers that the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, «has reasons to be more worried today than 48 hours ago».
Hundreds of people have participated this Sunday in the mobilizations called by the Confederación Intersindical Galega (CIG) in 24 Galician municipalities against «the scam of light» and to «claim» the recovery of hydroelectric plants, the implementation of a Galician electricity tariff and that «energy is recognized as a universal right».
The Xunta plans to open «in the second half of October» the period of aid for companies, SMEs and freelancers to undertake investments that promote energy self-consumption and can «reduce the cost» of electricity.

deportivo de la coruñaclub de fútbol

La Ampliación de Capital del Real Club Deportivo entra en su recta final. El próximo martes 31 de enero finalizará la quinta y última fase abierta a todos los ciudadanos y empresas.  Hasta ese día, todos los deportivistas de cualquier parte del mundo, podrán comprar acciones del Real Club Deportivo y convertirse en propietarios de un Club con más de 25.000 accionistas.
Todos aquellos que quieran participar en la ampliación de capital del Deportivo, pueden adquirir hasta 1.500 acciones (cada acción cuesta 60,10€) a través de la página web, o en nuestra Oficina de Atención al Deportista en el Estadio de Riazor, abierta de lunes a viernes de 10 a 13:30 y de 16:30 a 19 horas.
Tino Fernández agradeció la inversión de ‘La Opinión’: «Es importante que las empresas que son conscientes de la importancia del Deportivo, inviertan en esta campaña que termina el día 31. Es un gesto muy bonito. Estamos muy contentos de contar con accionistas que quieran ampliar su relación con el Deportivo, así como con nuevos accionistas. Estamos en el último mes de la campaña y esperemos que esto sirva para recordar a la gente que estamos en esta ampliación de capital, y también para animarles a participar y colaborar en la medida de sus posibilidades. Este es un proyecto colectivo y requiere la participación de los particulares, de los aficionados, de la gente en general, pero también de las instituciones, y especialmente de las empresas que comparten el sentimiento del Deportivo y son conscientes de su importancia. Este modelo mixto formado por aficionados y empresas, pero con arraigo local, es lo que necesitamos, lo que queremos y lo que está funcionando en el Deportivo».


It’s that the 90’s straddle two realities. It is the era I like the most. You had the feeling of having a scandal for breakfast every day and there was a loss of confidence in the institutions. I don’t think that atmosphere has changed. In the mid-1990s, a period of crisis began in which we are still going on. For example, in the first scene of Kronen they are talking about the problem of the autonomies. We have not come out of those problems.
I had the feeling that it was going to have transcendence. After the success of Kronen, and in the publishing world of that time -which had more relevance than the current one- I knew it was going to be received and read. Now it is much more difficult. The way the publishing scene is, with thousands and thousands of titles? I have the impression that literature has lost a lot of importance.
Yes, there are novels with which I am not at all happy. But when you do things badly, you don’t realize it. You’re too attached. And when I’m good I’m very good, but when I’m bad I’m very bad. Although this is like sportsmen. The important thing is the best career of an athlete.

the galician ideal

Non-cohabiting persons may meet Galicia inside private homes from the night of this Friday, April 9. Never more than four indoors, nor more than six outdoors. It has announced it this Wednesday the conselleiro of Sanidade of the Xunta, that sees surpassed the «risk» of contagion of coronavirus because of the meetings in Easter and gives for finalized the agreement of the Interterritorial Council of Health that established the prohibition with state character.
The conselleiro did not hesitate to praise the «extraordinary behavior» of the Galicians in Easter Week. On returning from the previous holiday period, at Christmas, he and Feijóo had unloaded the responsibility for the increase in cases on the citizens. But now, he says, there is stability. In Galicia, the accumulated incidence at 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants is 64.86 cases, and at seven days, 31.9. There are 2,233 active cases, of which 27 are in intensive care units and 161 on the ward. A total of 2,360 people have died from the virus.

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