L opinion a coruña

L opinion a coruña

the country

The BNG’s attempt to agree on a resolution in Parliament to reprove «the governments that approved the AP-9 extensions» has been frustrated by the PP’s vote against. For its part, the PSOE, which stressed that the pronouncement of the European Commission refers to the Aznar era, has abstained in the vote.

The Galician Parliament has approved an initiative that urges measures to support the Vestas factory, and has done so with the vote in favor of PP and BNG (the text came from the Popular Party), but the abstention of the PSOE.

The groups of the Galician Parliament have united to express the rejection of the regional legislature to the intention of the World Trade Organization (WTO) to eliminate tax exemptions for diesel fuel used by fishing vessels.

The mayor of Santiago, Xosé Sánchez Bugallo, has committed himself to study the extension of the schedule for the terraces of the night hotel business and, in addition, he has advanced that it will be done in «punctual» dates, such as the bridge of the Constitution and Christmas.

the voice of galicia

The specifications of the contest, which will be developed in two phases, alludes to new accessibility solutions to the market itself, the municipal nursery school located on one side of the lower part, the subway parking, the lower square in front of the Gadis supermarket and the roof space located at the level of the Avenue of Hercules in front of the urban bus stop and cabs.

In order to provide the municipal market with a greater integrating presence in the environment, the tender establishes the requirement to respect the occupied stalls at least in its surface, facilities and equipment, and allows the possibility of relocating the stalls themselves and the service spaces if this measure achieves substantial improvements. The market has eight outdoor and 25 indoor premises with different occupancy regimes, in addition to other facilities totaling almost 1,500 square meters.

Those in charge of the center consider it «difficult» to relocate due to space requirements. The ideas competition for the renovation includes the provision of new services. «We are going to favor it because the square is a sick and obsolete building».


We loved it, it is also next to the Estrella Galicia brewery museum. With a super full breakfast, comfortable and nice room, and a place super careful in the details. Here goes the recommendation!

Something we do as soon as we arrive in a city, is to book a free tour to get to know better what we are going to see. We love these guided tours to better situate ourselves, walk around the city learning about its history «in situ» and then move on our own.

Note: On Mondays the entrance is free, but in any case you have to go to the ticket office to pick it up, because the entrance to the tower has limited capacity.

The Tower of Hercules is twinned with the Statue of Liberty, as two of the great symbols that unite the new and the old continent across the Atlantic. Also with the lighthouse of the Morro Castle in Havana, which is the oldest in the Americas.

Another curiosity that will surely surprise you is that of the three buildings, the Tower of Hercules is not only the oldest, but also the tallest, surpassing the Statue of Liberty without including its pedestal.


Bernardo Quintero (Business), the Andalusian Fire Prevention and Extinction Plan, Infoca (Society), the Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport (Tourism), María Casado (Culture) and Carlos Cabezas (Sports), winners of the VIII edition of our newspaper’s Awards.

This gala of the VIII edition of the Malaga Awards was sponsored by Unicaja Banco, Junta de Andalucía, Diputación de Málaga, Málaga de Moda original talent, Telefónica, Cervezas Victoria and Acosol.

Rocío Blanco, Councilor for Employment, Training and Self-Employment of the Junta de Andalucía, then took the floor to indicate that the five winners were «the best exponent of the human capital we have in Malaga and Andalusia» representing «the best example of what we want for our land». In addition, Blanco said that Malaga «is the economic engine of Andalusia, thanks to the fact that it leads job creation with 36,000 jobs created, a third of the total generated in the community».

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