Kinepolis ready player one

Kinepolis ready player one

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CONCERT – Ghent band Moonai People is stepping out with a second EP two years after its debut. In March they will officially present ‘Does This Make Us Human’ at the Charlatan. In 2016 they released their first EP ‘On a Sunday’ and in 2017 the single ‘Whatever Comes First’. Their style is best described as after-surf indie pop. They perform both intimate songs and uplifting music.
DANCE – In this dance performance, choreographer Benjamin Vandewalle and dancers Hannah Bekemans and Kobe Wyffels go in search of their common ground. They could not be further apart in terms of their lifestyles, but meet each other in their shared passion for dance. In the performance they try to get to know each other better through dance. They are looking for themselves and for each other, and especially for what they can learn from each other.
LEISING – In this master class, students learn to build an installation with robots. This should serve as a starting point for a debate about the impact of robots on design and fabrication. Speakers talk about the possibilities of computational design and robotic fabrication. They look at trends in this area and its impact on the design industry and architecture. An answer is sought to the question, «What if design and manufacturing became robotic?

Ready player one full movie

Ready Player One is not just any movie. It could have been in someone else’s hands, but Steven Spielberg knows better than anyone what a spectacle film is. Not just spectacle cinema of flooding the screen with explosions or mindless action that makes the story take a back seat. He conceives this type of cinema in another way, that of telling a story where the spectacle is subordinated to it. Ready Player One could have been just another adventure film, where a thousand pop culture references follow one after the other, being the engine of the film and leaving no time for the story to develop. Ready Player One tells a story that is not far from becoming a reality, where an MMORPG is the place of escape for millions of people and their virtual life is the one that counts. Where a video game genius has disappeared and his fortune will fall into the hands of the one who manages to find three keys hidden in his world, and where multinationals do not see beyond the glitter of money.

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Before his death, the man incorporated a challenge into his creation. The first to succeed in finding three magical keys becomes the rightful heir to the entire digital construct. Not surprisingly, the corporate world is also clawing its greedy claws out for that grand prize and is capable of much to bring its stroke home.
In «Ready Player One,» pop culture is both the foundation and the wallpaper of the VR world OASIS. The designer drew extensive inspiration from his memories and tastes. The people who visit it choose an alternative identity based on their own preferences. OASIS is therefore a hotchpotch of nods to all possible films, TV series, comics, games and songs, from ‘King Kong’ and ‘Akira’ over ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Tomb Raider’ to ‘The A-Team’ and ‘Street Fighter’.
All those references, however, are just another layer of frosting on the doughnut, Spielberg emphasizes. You don’t have to understand them to enjoy the story. That, he says, is why ‘Ready Player One’ is more than just nostalgia. It’s pleasant to evoke memories of the 1980s, a carefree decade that wasn’t plagued by the dark cynicism of today.

Ready player twonovel by ernest cline

It’s hard for me to think of a Steven Spielberg film in which computer-generated effects play a greater role. So much so that there are a couple of moments where it falls straight into digital excess and makes you fear the worst. Fortunately, it avoids falling into what would be a big mistake and the visual finish does not eat everything else, knowing how to integrate it within the evolution of the story so that it impresses the eye, yes, but without destroying its narrative.
The funny thing is that the story itself of ‘Ready Player One’ tends to become a sort of big video game -both in terms of setting and narrative- in which the protagonists have to overcome three trials before the inevitable villain succeeds. The first consequence of this is that character development tends to be more limited in favor of there being no conspicuous stops in the progression of the story.
With that cleared up, what we’re left with is Spielberg’s ability to breathe that spirit of adventure that some associate with the idea of magic. I’m not going to say that it reaches the level of his best works, but it does recover something that had long been dormant, managing to shine especially in several action scenes -the test of the first race and, above all, the great final battle in which he managed in several moments to give me goosebumps because of how he disposes of the elements-.