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Internet in danger hards the sunstorm

With Javier Saralegui. The news of the day with Marisa Lacabe, Internet en la Onda with Javier Ábrego, Laura Azcona and Víctor Fernández, El Sonido del Día by Milagros Vidondo and La Firma by the Director of Institución Futuro Ana Yerro.
Listen to today’s edition of Internet en la Onda with the most important news to understand Internet and networks. With Javier Ábrego, Laura Azcona, Víctor Fernández and Javier Saralegui. You can’t miss it.
Find out listening to today’s edition of Internet en la Onda with Laura Azcona, Víctor Fernández, Javier Ábrego and Javier Saralegui who talks about Amazon, who talks about YouTube and who says «se viralizó que lo flipas».
Listen to today’s edition of Internet en la Onda, the program about internet and networks with Navarre connections in a global world. Javier Ábrego, Laura Azcona and Víctor Fernández explain to Javier Saralegui and the listeners the news about our foral hacker, artificial intelligence and Youtube’s moves to counteract Tik Tok. All with humor and wit.

No entiendes la onda (how i could just kill a man) (official hd

He said that authors must first register on the Internet platform of that state entity, then fill out a form with their application and, from that moment on, they will be able to follow up online the entire process of registration of their works.
Santana said that the automation of services is part of the efforts of the administration he heads to save costs and time to national creators, in addition to offering them security of information.
The OPTIC director congratulated the initiative of Dr. Santana’s administration and assured that he will provide the necessary support for the institution to successfully complete the process of automating its services.

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How the speed and your internet connection works

As an appetizer, Onda Cero Navarra has decided to create a space on Friday afternoons in June dedicated to the Internet to warm up the engines. From Friday 14th I will be with the great journalist Marisa Lacabe in Onda Cero Navarra talking about Internet, you can also send us proposals from now on.
Although I did not study journalism or audiovisual communication, this is a world that attracts me in a big way. For a long time I have wanted to undertake projects related to the media and little by little I’m moving forward.  Since July I collaborate in the Onda Cero program «Pamplona en la Onda» conducting a section dedicated to narrate the news and what has been cooked on the Internet every week. Something similar to what we already do in Internet en la Onda and, the truth is that I am delighted. The experience of Twision, Internet en la Onda, Levántate y Cárdenas and other collaborations that I have carried out with GlobbTV or Canal Soy make me love the media every day.

#survey – what is on the internet?

It is worth remembering that Onda Cabanillas began its broadcasts last June, with a month of tests before the summer break, starting its first season last month. At present, it has a dozen stable programs, with different themes: cultural («Culturízate», «La escena de los perros»), musical («La venganza radiofónica», «Los perros en el Chill Out», «El arca musical», «Freaky no more»), current affairs magazines («Cabanillas al día»), news programs on women’s current affairs («Ventanilla 171»), informative programs on health («Pase de guardia»), gastronomic programs («El chef del verano»), sectorial programs («Simplemente Scout») and youth programs («Nos vemos por las calles»), among others.