Cesar vidal y federico jimenez losantos

Cesar vidal y federico jimenez losantos

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César Vidal broke professionally with Losantos and went to live in the United States in 2013. At that time he left esRadio of his own free will and now presents and directs ‘La Voz’, his own online radio program. He also writes for La Razón.
I like to be discreet on this subject. I said then and I repeat now that I left because of differences in the management of the group. In my opinion, Federico Jiménez Losantos was managing it very badly, and by doing so, he was compromising the possible independence of the group.
To make matters worse, this mismanagement revolved around what I considered to be favored treatment related to people very close to Losantos. It seemed to me that it was unacceptable; he did not bother to answer me and I decided that the best thing to do was to leave.
I have been able to read the book and I must admit that it is journalistically extraordinary. De Diego does not mention many aspects, for example, of my personal experience in that radio station, but he has written a very rigorous, professional and well-documented account.
Of his sources, some I know, some I intuit and others I totally ignore. I confess that I have learned a lot from his pages that I did not know, for example, what he calls the accounting dealings in Libertad digital or the role of Pedro J. Ramirez’s wife in the spread of gender ideology.

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César vidal and federico jiménez losantos

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César vidal is a catholic

Answer: I had left esRadio and the next day, the same day I arrived in the United States on vacation, I was told confidentially that, the following week, they were going to perpetrate an attack against my home in Madrid. I thought it over and, although I had offers to go to other countries, I decided to stay in the United States.
A: I left esRadio in 2013. The reason had to do with the management of the group. It seemed to me that it was not the most appropriate. I wrote a long letter to Federico Jiménez Losantos explaining the aspects that, in my opinion, needed to be changed. He did not answer me and, as it seemed to me a sufficient response, I decided to leave. I think I was right with that decision.
A: Understandable. All over the world there is a change of paradigm fundamentally because the left has lost its mind and is defined by nonsense such as gender ideology or support for uncontrolled immigration.
And because the right has been abandoning important causes such as the defense of the family, of life or of borders out of sheer complex. The reaction of many people is to vote for new forces that take up these banners.