Himno del barça en español letra

Fc barcelona chants

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Valérie, the creator of «Bueno, Bonito, Barcelona» loves discovering new things, finding the words that hit the mark and doodling the little drawings that illustrate the website. What does she like most about Barcelona? The sinuous and unusual shapes of some buildings. It’s his capricious streak, those who know him will say, and with Gaudí, he has plenty of it!

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The Cant del Barça is played at FC Barcelona’s facilities every time the club’s teams play a match, shortly before the start of the game, and when the players take the field. It is also usually played for festive reasons and chanted by the fans to encourage the team and celebrate victories.
The lyrics of the Cant del Barça refer to the open and inclusive nature of the club, with the intention of not differentiating the geographical origin of the supporters where what really matters is to support the team and achieve the union for the azulgrana strength.

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This Tuesday the great European nights return to Camp Nou. Barça hosts Manchester United in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final. As usual in the big matches, the blaugrana fans will not fail and a full house is expected.
If expectations are met, the field will be a party led in the stands, as almost always, by the Grada d’Animació, a sector of lively fans located in the Gol Nord. In Culemanía we have decided to remind our readers of the hits that are played at the Culé stadium so that all the fans can follow the songs.
Last season there was a chant that caused a furor among players and fans: «Un dia de partit». It is a chant in Catalan that defines very well the passion of the culés for their team.
This song refers to the feeling that is experienced at the Camp Nou when a fan enters the stands for the first time. Specifically they refer to the Gol Nord, where the famous Grada d’Animació is located. It is usually sung in the second half and when the team needs it most. Right now it is the most popular chant among the spectators.

3:33himno de atlético de madrid – atlético madrid sadtsar firstyoutube – 2 aug 2014

F.C. Barcelona Anthem. F.C.Barcelona Champion League (European Cup) 2011. Score for Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet, Trumpet and Tenor Saxophone. Lyrics and chords of the F.C. Barcelona Anthem. Barcelona Winner of the Champions League 2011 after beating Manchester by 3 goals to 1. Tot el camp!
I publish this post, just at the time that the F.C.Barcelona wins the final played at Wembley and becomes European Champion by beating Manchester United, by a score of 3 to 1, with goals from Pedro, Mesi and David Villa by Barcelona and Rooney by Manchester.
Focusing on the post, the Official Anthem of FC Barcelona was premiered at the Camp Nou in 1974, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Club and is officially known as Cant del Barca (Song of Barca).
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