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And we speak in the past tense because as of January, beIN Connect will start offering Movistar Partidazo through its streaming service. The platform will continue to maintain two rates. On the one hand, the current rate of 9.99 euros per month. On the other hand, the new offer with the current plan to which Movistar Partidazo is added, for 16.99 euros per month.
Movistar Partidazo broadcasts every week the match they choose as the most interesting of the first division match day (normally, with Real Madrid or FC Barcelona) and the most interesting of the second division match day, both in first choice (that is, they choose the match they want to broadcast and the rest is kept by beIN except for the one that goes to free-to-air broadcasting).
Until now, and as I said, it could only be accessed by contracting it through an operator, with the consequent obligations that this entails (often contracting fixed services, a certain content pack, etc.). Now there is another alternative: beIN Connect and the possibility of contracting it to watch it online and without permanence.

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Faced with the new scenario, the four major operators (Movistar+, Vodafone, Orange and Jazztel) are these days prior to the start of the soccer season launching offers and promotions with the aim of attracting new subscribers and / or maintain the ones they already have.
Regarding the channels themselves, the reference channels for this 2018-2019 season are beIN LaLiga, with eight matches per day of the competition, always one of FCBarcelona or Real Madrid, except for one of their direct matches; Movistar Partidazo, also always a match of FC Barcelona or Real Madrid, except for the direct match broadcast on beIN LaLiga, as well as a match also from the Second Division; Movistar Liga de Campeones, with the Champions League and the Europa League, and which will also include matches from the Premier League, the Bundesliga and Ligue 1; and LaLiga123 TV, with eight matches from the Second Division.

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The best match of each La Liga matchday : includes a total of 28 Real Madrid or F.C. Barcelona matches and one of the 2 Madrid-Barça classics. (the other Clásico will be broadcasted on beIN SPORTS La Liga). The best 2nd Division match…
The great International Leagues LIVE: the English Premier League EXCLUSIVELY (Chelsea, Manchester, Arsenal, Liverpool, etc.), the German Bundesliga also EXCLUSIVELY (Bayern, Borussia, etc.), or the powerful Paulista and Dutch Leagues. Copa America exclusively.

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What matches will be available on free-to-air in the 2018-19 season? The Gol channel, owned by Mediapro, will broadcast one free-to-air Primera División match per matchday (excluding Real Madrid and Barcelona and the rest of the teams qualified for European competitions), two Segunda División matches, one match per knockout round of the Copa del Rey and the two semifinals of this competition.
What is the Bein Connect Internet platform offering? Mediapro’s platform, which can be subscribed to over the Internet independently of the telecommunications operator contracted, has an offer similar to that of Vodafone: 8 live matches of the Liga Santander (not the big match, but the first leg of the Clásico), all of La Liga 1,2,3 and the Copa del Rey. It costs 9.99 euros per month.