Loquillo yo para ser feliz quiero un camión

Loquillo yo para ser feliz quiero un camión

canciones de loquillo

Intenta buscar de nuevo el título pero utilizando menos términos. Ejemplo: busca «huesos de codo» en lugar de «Los huesos de tu codo». Si eso no ayuda, es muy probable que no tengamos ese título y puedes sugerirlo sin compromiso o puedes encargar la producción.Información que sueles obtener al pasar el ratón por encima del texto o los gráficos. Por lo demás, hay mucha información útil en nuestro Infocentro. La lista de deseos sólo se puede utilizar si ha iniciado sesión (los nuevos clientes deben esperar hasta que probemos sus datos de registro).Activar lista de deseos (inicio de sesión)

el rompeolas

«Quiero un camión» was included in the second album released by Loquillo, El ritmo del garaje, in this case together with the band Trogloditas, as well as the third one, La mafia del baile, and part of the following ones, and unlike the first one, Los tiempos están cambiando, in which he had counted with the support of Los Intocables.
This would be the translation of the commentary: «This is probably the best version of «Froggy Went A-Courtin'» that has ever been done. The original song was composed around 1580 in England, but in the following centuries it became a popular folk song in the English language, especially in the U.S., where it became a hit by Pecos Pest as «Crambone» in the 1955 Tom and Jerry cartoon series. It was even recorded by Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan and has had numerous versions performed by popular singers around the world.

ugly, loud and formal

Does it make sense for an administrative assistant in a bank, for example, to want to take time off work to train to obtain the CAP, and wouldn’t it be better to eliminate this option in all cases so as not to cause incidents among the companies’ bonuses?
Although, what do I know, perhaps there are many «personal development» needs in this sense, and many workers want to have this type of professional cards and apply for an individual training permit.

lonely cadillac

The story is as follows: at the very moment we turn a desire (something unnecessary but that if we get it gives us pleasure), into something we need (we believe it is essential for our daily life and therefore having it is normal, and its absence is suffering), we enslave ourselves (we must keep it to not get frustrated, but having it does not bring us happiness).
But creating needs out of nothing brings another problem… indefinitely postponing happiness and well-being. I mean, now I don’t enjoy life, because I need a truck to be happy. When I manage to buy it… I will be so happy!!!, I will enjoy it at that moment. And the truck arrives… and the truth is that it is not that big a deal, and besides having it increases the taxes I have to pay, and besides the diesel is sky high, and besides the repairs are expensive, and besides… The best thing is that I sell it and with that money I pay for a super trip where I am sure I will meet my better half. I’ll be happy when I have a partner… now it’s time to try to sell the truck. And so we postpone the real happiness that we can feel right now, for a future one based on something that is unnecessary and that for sure when we have it, we will leave it aside or change it for another new need, and time goes by… and we never allow ourselves to be happy.

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