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This paper analyzes the diplomatic, economic, and cultural ties between Spain during Franco’s regime and Cuba from Fulgencio Batista’s coup on March 10th, 1952, until January 1st, 1959, when Batista relinquished power and fled to the Dominican Republic incapacitated before the advance of the rebel army under Fidel Castro Ruz.
The frequent visits of close relatives of both presidents constituted another ostensible link of the fraternal union. In June 1954, the daughter of Generalissimo Carmen Franco Polo and her husband Cristobal Martinez Bordiu made a stopover in Havana as part of their pleasure trip through Latin America.
Confrontation between Juan Pablo de Lojendio and Fidel Castro Ruz, on Wednesday, January 20, 1960 in the studios of Channel 2 of Cuban Television during the airing of the program Tele Mundo Pregunta.
Thus, after almost two decades of «unsuccessful» negotiations, the Batista dictatorship achieved an agreement with economic flexibilities for the material interests of both nations, in addition to the reciprocal and unconditional concession of most favored nation treatment for customs, consular and other duties applicable to certain merchandise.

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Marcelino Oreja (see his Memoria y esperanza. Relatos de una vida), who was then assigned to the cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, received the news in the early hours of the morning and went to the home of his boss to communicate it to him. The latter, who was another Basque, the Bilbao-born Fernando María Castilla, telephoned Franco.
The increase in bilateral trade led to the renewal in 1971 of the trade agreement that had been signed in 1959, with Castroism already in place. Moreover, in 1975, the respective ambassadors returned.
It was a meritorious attitude, which deserves our respect and even deserves, on that point, our gratitude. He did not want to give in to American pressure. He acted with Galician stubbornness. He did not break off relations with Cuba. His attitude was very firm.
Gorbachev’s first advisors were Felipe’s people. (…) I had known by heart for a long time that Felipe was not a socialist at all. And Felipe was happy, he was sending his people to advise Gorbachev there.

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I was looking forward to returning but, after a few trips and having to fly from north to south in the United States in both good and bad weather, things changed. Whether it rained, snowed in Washington or there were hurricanes in the Caribbean, you had to fly because Iberia arrived with enviable regularity. That was no longer so pleasant.
Who is taking the suitcase to Havana this week? asked Lequerica. Well, I don’t know, but I’ll find out right away. You take it, he asked me. That way, you, who know the atmosphere of that city, can go to Rolando Masferrer, author of the article, and bring him my answer so he can publish it.
I believe that what Masferrer is trying to do, I told Lequerica, is to push you into a polemic and see if this will encourage his libel. I also suspect that the ambassador in Havana, Lojendio, will not like to have any dealings with that person. Don’t worry,» said Lequerica, «I will write to Lojendio and explain my interest. Of course, I will send him a copy of the letter I will write and through you I will send it to Masferrer.

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