Aena parking la palma

Aena parking la palma

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The VIP parking of AENA at Palma de Mallorca airport has an exclusive service of delivery and collection of your vehicle in the Departures area, at the foot of the terminal. The chauffeur will deliver your vehicle at the scheduled time. Your vehicle will be parked in an exclusive parking lot, in spacious parking spaces with restricted access and 24-hour surveillance.
There are also a number of low-cost parking lots near Palma airport, with all kinds of services and transfer facilities to the terminal. These companies regularly offer offers and discounts on parking, especially for early bookings and long stays. You can check their rates and offers, as well as those of the official airport parking lots (AENA) and make your reservation online without wasting time.
Enter your travel dates in the attached table and get a price comparison with offers and promotions from all the parking companies in the Palma de Mallorca airport area. No booking fees and free cancellation of your reservation.

Aena parking alicante

To «contextualize» her exhaustion, the passenger explains that she arrived «exhausted» in Palma and was carrying a seven-kilo backpack. At a quarter past five in the afternoon she entered the Aena parking lot in Son Sant Joan, paid for the service and went to the second floor to pick up her vehicle. «My car is gone, I have a fantastic spatial memory,» he explains and resorted to the photo he had taken of the square. In the blurry image he couldn’t make himself out well and began to walk around the entire floor. She decided to go to the office for help.
I arrived in Palma exhausted, after six hours of pushing a 150 kg wheelchair under the blazing sun, taking buses and subways and flying to Palma, all with a seven kilogram backpack. That’s not @aena’s fault, but I need to contextualize the exhaustion – juana alemany (@juanaalemany) August 21, 2021
To the employee, he explained his situation and provided a vital detail: «I left him on a half-empty floor because they were doing improvement work in one area.» She had no choice but to keep looking. She returned to the office to ask for help and was met with the same response and the notice that she would have to pay for the time spent.

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In February, AENA put out to tender the integral management service for the parking lots of 32 airports in the network for 102.3 million euros, in two lots. The objective of the airport manager with this tender is «to increase efficiency and achieve greater agility in the management processes, promoting quality and reducing the associated cost».
Parallel to the management of the successful bidder, AENA will manage the business directly, taking responsibility for the development and definition of products, promotional actions, reservation management, price management and, in short, the optimization of the profit and loss account. This line of business contributed a total of 91.5 million euros to its commercial revenues last year, 13.5% of these.

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The change made by AENA has «unofficially» the approval of the Ministry of Ecological Transition «since the project is reduced and not enlarged. At the same time, the Government must act accordingly».
The reformulation of the project in Son Sant Joan will not imply any economic adjustment, so AENA will face the foreseen investment of 559 million euros. «I am convinced that this remodeling of Son Sant Joan will be good for the island, since it will have a modern, safe and economically sustainable airport. The direct impact of the investment will have an impact on the island’s economy. The purpose is to expand areas of the terminal building to improve the service without expanding its capacity,» emphasized the president.
Among the actions that will be carried out, Lucena highlighted the expansion of the fingers by eight more «which will have an impact on the environment by reducing aircraft emissions and the use of planters. In this regard, I must point out that the planned actions do not imply any impact on biodiversity. We are not extending the airport’s surface area and, consequently, we are not encroaching on environmentally protected areas. We must undo the misunderstandings that have been generated and the negative impact that this has caused».