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The alliance deputies Modesto Fraile and Manuel Fraga, Jose María Ruiz Gallardón and Jorge Verstrynge (below-above) during the Government control session in the Parliament, where they asked the President of the Government, Felipe González, about the links of the Psoe with the German consortium Flick. EFE/ aa
1976. The dictator Francisco Franco had already died and the head of state was King Juan Carlos. The president of his government, Carlos Arias Navarro, and his vice-president and Minister of the Interior, Manuel Fraga Iribarne, who in a previous stage had been Minister of Information and Tourism. Then, yes, under Franco’s orders.

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When Fraga was Arias Navarro’s Minister of the Interior, he said «the street is mine», which contributed to disqualify him. Independence now runs the risk of proclaiming «the street is mine» and embodying the real will of Catalonia. It has already done so in the Parliament by approving with 72 deputies two unconstitutional laws that also violate with total impudence the Statute of Catalonia, which requires a two-thirds majority (90 deputies) for any proposal of change and to create an electoral syndicate.
The separatism has ignored the rule that we, the citizens of Catalonia, gave ourselves -all equal and free to think as we want- in the Statute of 1980 and in the one of 2006. But as Enric Hernandez said yesterday: «The State has cut the wrong wire&mldr with the arrest of high-ranking officials of the Government&mldr it has taken a false step that has irritated millions of Catalans, many of them alien to -and even refractory to- the pro-independence discourse».
Would things have been better if Rajoy had accepted before the Socialist proposal to open a commission in Congress on the issue? It is not certain, but it is significant that now almost all parties -including PDECat and except C’s and ERC- support it. Some will rightly say that «in good times it’s better late than never», but it is a way for the two parties -separatism and the PP government- to recycle themselves without having to rectify.

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A strike in Vitoria in 1976 resulted in five deaths. When he was rebuked by the demonstrators, he replied with one of his lapidary phrases, as famous as it was unfortunate: «The street is mine». While he was participating in the drafting of the Constitution, he began to pull the strings to found and re-found Alianza Popular.
An operation for a herniated disc at the beginning of 2001 caused the first rumors to spread about his state of health. But he overcame it with his fourth absolute majority in October. Just after the sinking of the Prestige, he assured: «The most serious danger has passed» (15-11-2002). The truth is that the worst was yet to come, in every sense of the word, for Fraga. The management of the oil slick caused Fraga to lose his absolute majority, who ran for the fifth time in 2005, facilitating the return to the Xunta of the PSOE-BNG bipartite. His spiritual retreat was the Senate.

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Manuel Fraga Iribarne (pronunciación en español:  [maˈnwel ˈfɾaɣa iɾiˈβaɾne]; 23 de noviembre de 1922 – 15 de enero de 2012) fue un catedrático y político español de la España franquista, fundador del Partido Popular. Fraga fue ministro de Información y Turismo entre 1962 y 1969, embajador en el Reino Unido entre 1973 y 1975, ministro de la Gobernación en 1975, vicepresidente segundo del Gobierno entre 1975 y 1976, presidente de Alianza Popular/Partido Popular entre 1979 y 1990 y presidente de la Xunta de Galicia entre 1990 y 2005. También fue diputado en el Congreso de los Diputados y senador.
La carrera de Fraga como una de las figuras políticas clave en España abarca tanto el régimen del General Francisco Franco como la posterior transición a la democracia representativa. Fue Presidente de la Xunta de Galicia entre 1990 y 2005 y Senador hasta noviembre de 2011[1]. Fraga es también uno de los Padres de la Constitución.
Fraga se casó el 17 de enero de 1948 con Carmen Estévez Eguiagaray, a la que había conocido en 1945 en la Facultad de Derecho,[2] y tuvo 5 hijos: Carmen, Isabel, José Manuel, Ignacio y Adriana. También adoptó a Amalia.[2][3] Además del español, Fraga hablaba francés, inglés, italiano, alemán, portugués, gallego y vasco[4].