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Unfair, yes, but as real as life itself. While in Barça Busquets, a brave Gavi, Piqué or Garcia gave the size, others like Dest, Mingueza, Memphis or Frenkie de Jong were overcome by the encounter. The Dutch midfielder not only failed to take the clásico by the horns, but is becoming less and less important. One more problem for Barça, where Memphis and Ansu hardly generated any danger. The 10 did have a free kick on the stroke of halftime that was blocked by an attentive Alaba. He is not yet ready to break the deadlock. Earlier, Piqué came close to equalizing with a header from a corner. The ball almost hit the post.

Those dodges were soon over and Kroos and Modric took the helm in a calm manner. Madrid were also forgiving. Vinícius, in front of a shaky Dest, now a winger, and Benzema on a couple of occasions came close to a second.

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A report commissioned by FC Barcelona delivered to Josep Maria Bartomeu’s board of directors in July 2019 highlighted, among its many conclusions, the existence of a total of 127 pathologies at Camp Nou that required «immediate action», 44 of which because they involved «a safety risk for stadium users».

Laporta’s board has invested an additional 1.8 million euros to repair pathologies that were essential for reopening the stadium. Their objective: to hold the elections without endangering the physical integrity of the members called to the polls. From December 2020 are the statements of Tusquets in RAC1: «There are areas that are literally falling down. There is a part of the stadium structure that is falling down. In some of the entrance gates to the stadium, pieces of the roof have fallen. Urgent work needs to be done».

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The photograph on the table reflected a devastating image. Unsustainable. Ruinous. Transmuted into a war, the balance was: no survivors. They did not think the situation was so critical, so terminal, so catastrophic. These are grandiloquent, maximalist, tremendous words. They are words that Joan Laporta’s directors and Barça’s new executives use without any qualms to refer to the state of the club after their arrival at the entity last March.

A large part of the club’s economic problems stems from the disastrous wage management of the squad. If the cost of the transfers (over 100 million for Griezmann, Dembélé and Coutinho) ended up proving to be unreasonable, the price the club had to pay for players who later did not perform as expected was enormous.

One of the issues that most annoyed Alemany were the bonuses. Because many of the club’s players are paid or were paid for the team qualifying for the Champions League, a sporting circumstance that has been occurring uninterruptedly since 2004. All that remains is for them to be paid for avoiding relegation. This is what they say at the club.

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La Vanguardia (catalán:  [lə βəŋˈɡwaɾðiə]; español:  [la βaŋˈɡwaɾðja], español para «La Vanguardia») es un diario español, fundado en 1881. Se imprime en español y, desde el 3 de mayo de 2011, también en catalán (el ejemplar español se traduce automáticamente al catalán). Tiene su sede en Barcelona[1] y es el primer periódico de Cataluña.

La Vanguardia, a pesar de distribuirse mayoritariamente en Cataluña, es el cuarto diario de mayor tirada de España entre los de información general, sólo por detrás de los tres principales diarios de Madrid -El País, El Mundo y ABC-, todos ellos de ámbito nacional y con sedes y ediciones locales en todo el país.

Su línea editorial se inclina hacia el centro de la política y es moderada en sus opiniones, aunque en la España franquista siguió la ideología franquista y hasta hoy tiene sensibilidad católica y fuertes vínculos con la nobleza española a través de la familia Godó.

La historia del periódico La Vanguardia comenzó en Barcelona el 1 de febrero de 1881[2][3] cuando dos empresarios de Igualada, Carlos y Bartolomé Godó, publicaron por primera vez el periódico. Se definió como un Diario político de avisos y noticias, pensado como medio de comunicación para una facción del Partido Liberal que quería hacerse con el control del ayuntamiento de Barcelona.

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