Raul perez el chiringuito

Raúl pérez impersonator

TCMS is a conjunction of many things. You not only have to imitate, you have to interpret and you have to sing. You can imitate very well and not sing. I always try to do it well, the best I can, and to get as close as possible to the character I am playing.
I appreciate him very much and so does he. He marked and opened a tremendous path in the world of imitation. Whenever we talk there is a good vibe and mutual admiration. I don’t know if I’m his right eye, but I’m sure we look at each other well.
It is more difficult, because there is a wave or a generation of people who are offended and look at what you do and say with a magnifying glass, but I think it is the best time to give more chance to humor and to give an outlet to this kind of programs. Humor is a wonderful prism to see reality, to escape from it and to be able to reconstruct it. If humor content is limited, I think we are making a mistake.
That is an important challenge. I’ve had a hard time with Gabilondo’s humor and I’m still perfecting it, but I haven’t seen anyone who imitates Albert Rivera well. His voice is a bit aseptic and more neutral. Now I’m very excited to bring out Rafael Hernando.

Raul perez imitating koeman the day after

It began to be broadcasted on the regional channel TV3 in 2008. Due to its success, a version for Telemadrid, Castilla-La Mancha Televisión, CyL7 de Radio Televisión de Castilla y León and Aragón TV in Spanish appeared in 2010 under the name Crackovia, and another exclusive for Aragón TV called En el Fondo Norte.
During the Copa América 2015, Fox Sports broadcast a series of special chapters for Latin America. During the Copa América Centenario, Televisa aired a miniseries of special chapters about the Mexican National Team and some international players.

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Raul perez pedrerol impersonator

The close relationship between the president of Real Madrid and the journalist became clear when, a few months ago, Florentino confirmed live and exclusively on the Mega program the intentions of creating the Superliga.
Subsequently, he would be left alone and the project would go down the drain? But the interview in which it was already revealed that Sergio Ramos would not continue (as it has ended up being) was saved for history. And Florentino… as they usually say in the program, RESTRAINED! by the sad outcome of the new competition, dissolved a few hours after its creation.
From minute zero, the program was TOTALLY silent. And of course… the audience took notice. Favoritism? Favor treatment? What could have been going on so that the program with the highest audience in the evening in the TV sports grid did not comment on the slip of the president’s statements?

Raul perez el chiringuito 2022

And the sports reporter recounts another bad experience. «I don’t care to comment on it. Another case happened to me. I remember I was with Real Madrid in Granada. And I get a message to which I respond and that message is linked to another message and at the end, in the tenth message, my naked picture comes out. You relax and suddenly they are preparing it for you,» he said. Estrada defended the privacy of Florentino Pérez. «He is a person with a lot of responsibility, who has to answer to a very important social mass and to society. Perez has cracked and does not have an anonymous role. The problem is that the president of Real Madrid has to exercise the position 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, this leak has shown: the moment you stop being president for a moment, you get screwed».