El partidazo de movistar

El partidazo de movistar

Movistar la liga programming

Movistar Partidazo was the highlight of Movistar’s sports programming; the match of the day that could arouse the most interest among fans. But Movistar Partidazo disappeared to become part of the Movistar LaLiga channel. Even so, every week there is a star match, do you want to know how to watch it? We tell you about it
At first it received the name Canal+ Partidazo, but after Telefónica’s modifications when renaming some channels, after Canal+ disappeared, it began to be called Movistar Partidazo. In the 2019/20 season, Movistar Partidazo disappears from the Movistar+ grid.
Maybe for you, every Movistar Partidazo is the one your team plays and to watch that match nothing better than hiring one of the Movistar Fusión tariffs with the Movistar LaLiga channel, in which not only to see what was previously called Movistar Partidazo, but all the matches of First and Second Division.
Although the Movistar Partidazo channel no longer exists, Movistar still has a featured match every week that continues to be called Partidazo. This match is broadcast both on the usual dials and on a special dial, 440, the Movistar LaLiga UHD channel, where customers with a compatible decoder will be able to watch the Movistar Partidazo in 4K quality.

Movistar plus

El Partidazo de la jornada is always a match played by Real Madrid or Barça, week after week. This match is broadcasted on Movistar Partidazo channel and is always narrated by Carlos Martínez. The match between these two teams that is not considered as a «big game» is narrated every week by José Sanchis. For these matches, the usual commentators are: Julio Maldonado (Maldini), Álvaro Benito, Jorge Valdano, Andoni Zubizarreta and Gerard López.
On Movistar+ we can watch international and national basketball tournaments. The operator has the rights to the Endesa League, the Euroleague and the NBA, as well as the Copa del Rey basketball cup broadcast on #Vamos.
Movistar+ allows us to watch Formula 1 thanks to the agreement with DAZN, which means that we have the DAZN F1 channel on the streaming platform. To narrate and comment on the competition, a team well known to all…
Although tennis on Movistar can be seen through Eurosport and its corresponding sports commentators but also has its own in #Vamos and Movistar Deportes with the tournaments that the operator has exclusive rights. Among the voices that narrate Rafa Nadal and the others we find specialized commentators and narrators as a regular team formed by Miguel Angel Calleja, Jose Antonio Mielgo or Borja Zugardi along with commentators like Roberto Carretero and Guille Alcaide.

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Movistar la liga

LaLiga and Movistar start the countdown to the return of the competition. And they do so with a series of special programs that will be broadcast every Sunday on Movistar’s Movistar LaLiga and Movistar’s #Vamos channels, under the name El Partidazo #VolverEsGanar.
In addition to Tebas, several players from LaLiga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank will also be present in El Partidazo #VolverEsGanar, who will talk about their feelings during the whole period of confinement and their expectations for the return of the competition.

Movistar+ soccer commentators

In addition to watching every LaLiga matchday on Movistar+ dial 46, the Movistar LaLiga multichannels (dials 47, 48, 49 and from 176 to 182) and GOL (dial 63), which broadcasts a free-to-air match every matchday, will also be available. Here you can consult the schedules and dials of the First Division and the schedules and dials of the Second Division.
In addition, Fiber TV customers with a UHD decoder and a compatible 4K TV set can enjoy LaLiga Santander matches in UHD quality on Movistar LaLiga UHD (dials 440 and 443) and UEFA Champions League matches in 4K on Movistar Liga de Campeones UHD (dial 441). The rest are broadcast in 1080i HD image quality.
As for the Bundesliga and Serie A, #Vamos (dial 8) offers live coverage of the best match of each day of the German and Italian leagues. The rest of the live matches can be accessed from Movistar Liga de Campeones (dial 50), through the main channel and the multichannels of the same name.