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About this project

Project developed by Juanjo Bermúdez. See more information on ResearchGate. I have developed these tools for some personal phylogenetics investigations. I am not sure if these tools could be useful to anyone else, therefore, I guess the best way to know is making these public and asking for opinions. I am very interested on getting feedback and ideas on how to improve the tools.

In case these tools are useful for more people I guess the best option for science would be to make the source code freely available. I would be interested to partner with any institution wishing to cooperate with me to make these tools (and new ones) available. My ideal option would be to join your organization and become project leader for these tools. I have experience obtaining funds for R&D projects and would like to pertain to an organization that makes it easier for me to get funds for projects like this one. My actual interests are related to bioinformatics tools related to human evolution, population genetics and, more specifically, the sapiens-neandertal inbreed event for which I have some theories of its significance in the development of the human culture.

Some pending tasks due to lack of time or resources:

  • Improving the paralelization of the algorithms to increase performance.
  • Indexing more species (i.e.: bacteriae).
  • Implementing services over better hardware so that more jobs can be served simultaneously.
  • Building catalogs of standard searches so that there is no need to repeat them. I.e.: searches for all SINE sequences.
  • A giant phylogenetic tree of SINE sequences found in different species

Actual schedule:

The server processing jobs will actually be active from 12am to 5pm (GMT+2) / Monday to Friday.


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