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There are two tools actually available on this site:
  • Local Alignment Search Tool: A tool for making searchs of local alignments of a DNA sequence in the reference genomes of different species.
  • Phylogenetic Tree Generator Tool: A tool for generating phylogenetic trees from a FASTA file containing a multiple alignment of DNA sequences.

These tools could be useful for evolution studies.

A way to use these tools is:

  1. Get a known SINE sequence and find repetitions on the different genomes making use of the tool for searching local alignments. Retrieve FASTA files with the results.
  2. Make a multiple alignment of all the sequences found. You can use a tool like Clustal Omega.
  3. Make a phylogenetic tree from these sequences to observe the signals of the evolution of these repetitive sequences.

See some example results:

More examples of use:

Technical specifications

These tools make use of specific technologies developed for this site. These technologies may have some advantages and disadvantages over other technologies (see here). Some requirements to consider while using these tools are: